Psalm 91:1 – Remembering September 11, 2001

Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001 the sky over Jackson Hole Wyoming was clear and blue. Fall’s crisp breath had just settled into the valley. Walking to my office that morning I expected to face hurdles left over from the day before. Little did I know how much the whole world would be changed by the events that unfolded.

Later that week our Pastor led a prayer vigil, and driving home the radio played a familiar song. Lincoln Brewster’s ‘Psalm 91’ filled the car with it’s familiar hook. But the tune was interrupted by the urgent and emotional reporting of several television news anchors. Heart wrenching stories from eye witness accounts, and an important unifying message from then President George W. Bush were blended tightly with guitar chords and vocals.

“And though a thousand may fall at my side / And though ten thousand may fall / I will say of the Lord / That in Him I put all my trust” is the strongest lyric that stands out from Psalm 91. The September 11 attacks resulted in 2,996 immediate deaths. As we remember the victims today, it is important to renew our trust in the Lord. When we put our complete trust in the Lord, He is with us in our darkest moments of fear. The Lord commands us to ‘fear not’ but instead to take shelter in Him.

My Prayer…

Father God – You are my shelter and strong tower. You are a refuge in times of need. When fear, doubt, and sin attempt to take hold of my heart – overshadow me with your love. Remind me of your presence and comfort me with your peace that passes understanding. Let me exhibit calm in the face of terrible loss so that others might find the same solace in You. In Jesus name, Amen.

These Thoughts and Prayer are written by Andrew Jackson.

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