On That Day

Ever wonder what the day will be like when you meet Jesus face to face? That day WILL come because He promised He would return for us. One of these days God the Father will lean toward God the Son and whisper, ‘It’s time to get Your bride.’ Can you just imagine?!

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66 Ways God Loves You

Experience God’s Love for You in Every Book of the Bible
God’s Word is many things—instructive, historical, poetic. Yet to Jennifer Rothschild, the Bible is also an incredible love letter.
Buy 66 Ways God Loves You by Jennifer RothschildIn 66 Ways God Loves You, she walks you through each of the sixty-six books of the Bible and shows, in concise and thoughtful ways, how every book reflects God’s love for each of us.

  • In Genesis God fashions me with His hands.
  • In Esther He Makes me royalty.
  • In Acts God’s Spirit comes to live in me.
  • In I Peter God gives me victory over suffering.

Each chapter includes a succinct, meaningful reading on the message of that book in the Bible, along with a simple takeaway to help you bring the message to light in your own heart and life.

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