August 17, 2021

Give ear, O my people, to my teaching; incline your ears to the words of my mouth! I will open my mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings from of old, things that we have heard and known, that our fathers have told us. We will not hide them from their children, but tell to the coming generation the glorious deeds of the LORD, and his might, and the wonders that he has done. (Psalm 78:1-4)

The last couple of days of devotions had me reading (Psalm 78). As read, it amazes me to think about how God continued to show His faithfulness and grace to His People Israel even though they continued to rebel against Him. I found myself reminiscent of the times in my life when I had been rebellious to God or failed to trust Him on several occasions. As a result, God reminded me of His unfailing grace, compassion, and provisions.

Friends, I encourage you to read (Psalm 78) for yourself, as you do, consider the times when you were rebellious or failed God? How did God show you His mercy and forgiveness? Moreover, how is He calling you to obey and trust Him today? Would you pray with me?

Father, You have done for me all things well, have remembered, distinguished, and indulged me. All my desires have not all been gratified, but Your love has denied them to me when the fulfillment of my wishes would have proved my ruin or injury. Father, my trials have been fewer than my sins, and when I have kissed the rod, it has fallen from Your Hands. You have often wiped away my tears, restored peace to my mourning heart, and chastened me when necessary for my profit. Father, all Your works in me and for me are perfect, and I praise You for them. Father, help me, Lord, to adore, and magnify You, with the music of heaven, and make me a perfume of praiseful gratitude in all I do and say all the time, for I ask this in the Precious Name of Jesus, Amen.

God Bless and have a Blessed Day, Friends <><


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