All Our Bags Are Packed – We’re Ready To Go!

Thank You Bridge Family for your outpouring of support for supplying what was needed for the Dominican Republic Trip!

We have received beyond what we asked for and we are so appreciative. Next week The Bridge Mission Team will be gathering and some of us meeting each other for the first time.

We ask for your prayers as the trip approaches. Please be in prayer for our adopted village of La Union Abajo, in the Dominican Republic.

Pray that the items we take down would bless the people and show God’s love. Pray for the families we will be in contact with at the Dump, the Orphanage – as well as the Ladies and Children working on the street corners. Pray for the missionaries, the mission, and The Bridge Mission Team doing the work on the ground.

We ask for guidance, favor, protection, and a boldness to go forth and let people know that they are loved by God and us! Thank you for partnering with us as lives are transformed.

You are loved!
¡Eres amado!
Ou renmen pa Bondye!