Drive Thru Connection

You are invited to join us in an easy and fun outreach ministry called Drive Thru Connection. You will brighten someone’s day when you pay for their order in the drive-thru line.

That’s right! Just pay the bill of the person behind you in line and show a little kindness. You’ll impact someone’s day in ways much greater than coffee or take out.

Take part in the next Drive Thru Connection!

We will send you a pack of Drive Thru Connection postcards you can use to participate in this easy and fun outreach ministry!

Join other Listeners on The Bridge Facebook Page to discuss the Drive Thru Connection. Organize small or large groups of people to canvas your community with coordinated blessings on the first Friday of the month!

Or download and print the Drive Thru Connection Letter (PDF). The cashier will hand the letter to the person behind you in line when you pay for their order.

This is an easy and fun outreach ministry, and the perfect opportunity to introduce someone to The Bridge … and maybe introduce them to Christ.