Prayers of Hope

Join Believers Across the Nation in Praying Together Against COVID-19

Homeless Pray that they stay safe from the virus and get the healthcare that they need. Pray for those that are fearful or have extreme anxiety about their situation.
Those infected with COVID-19 Pray against fear, anxiety, feeling of isolation.
Those at high risk of developing COVID-19 Pray for those who are elderly, people with chronic health conditions.
Caregivers, medical professionals Pray for wisdom, strength, protection.
Researchers working on a vaccine Pray for important discoveries to be made and for God’s wisdom.
Workers who have lost jobs/wages Pray for provision, for friends to rally to help. Pray against anxiety and fear.
The church to lead the way Pray that the church rises and leads in helping those that need it. Pray the church is unified as one church and a calming influence as we radiate light in the face of darkness and fear.
Those who have fear or anxiety Pray that God would calm fears in the chaos.
Government leaders at all levels Pray that our leaders would be led by God in making decisions, that politics would be put aside and they would work together as a united team.
Parents Pray that Parents can calm fears and concerns of their children. Help parents find childcare if they still have to work outside of the home. Pray that parents are able to afford food for the extra meals at home.
Children Pray for children who are scared or don’t understand what is happening. Pray for children to embrace being quarantined from school or friends. Pray for children to be able to focus if doing school work remotely.
First responders: Police, EMTs, Military Pray that they are protected as they respond to ordinary emergency situations. Pray for protection and wisdom.