October, 2021

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Love, with open arms and a servant’s heart, could be the bridge
that encourages someone to consider a relationship with Jesus…

Have you ever listened to the radio and wondered why we call ourselves The Bridge?

Before the radio station signed on, a group of people met one night to decide what it should be called. A name is important, you know.

In biblical times, children were given names to honor God, and often to give the child character. The Bible talks about names a lot, and God famously changed the names of several people to reveal and assure them that He would fulfill His plan through them.

After prayer and discussion, we decided “The Bridge” captured our core desire – that this new radio ministry would connect people – people that would otherwise not be connected. A bridge improves life in a community, and we also wanted to be known for that.

Ten years later we look at the world around us and see that God inspired our mission and our name.

Our world is so disconnected, so divided. The mission of The Bridge has never been more important; the difference between what you hear on The Bridge compared to other media has never been more stark.

We believe Jesus is the answer. Specifically, His message of love.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells us the greatest commandment is to love God with all of our heart and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Wow, that’s definitely easier said than done, isn’t it?

But what if we did?

What if we turned the other cheek, gave a cup of cold water to our enemies, and responded to anger with kindness? Jesus did all those things. What if we prayed for our leaders, and what if we helped widows and children without families? He instructed us to do those things.

What does that have to do with The Bridge?



Love, with open arms and a servant’s heart, could be the bridge that encourages someone to consider a relationship with Jesus. We’ve seen it happen. At a drive-through in Seaford, DE, a Bridge listener paid for the pizza for the car behind them. The family that received the pizza read the card explaining the Drive Thru Connection, and started listening to The Bridge. They ended up attending church and the entire family came to Christ. Because a stranger demonstrated love.

Believing that Love is The Bridge is the reason behind what we do here at The Bridge, including our annual service day “Hands & Feet.” It’s why we just handed out hundreds of snow cones and ice cream cones to medical workers in the area, and why we participated in National Night Out in Delaware and Maryland, showing our local law enforcement that we love and honor them! Listeners wrote positive messages on sticky notes and covered police cruisers with encouragement.

Love is why The Bridge family recently raised $54,000 to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, and over $80,000 to help kids in three developing nations receive fresh water, food, and a Christian education. Love is The Bridge between our community and the village of La Union Abajo in the Dominican Republic, where we’re helping kids learn how to sew and bake so they have a future.

Love is The Bridge.

And we need your partnership to do even more in the days ahead. Would you consider becoming a financial partner with The Bridge? Your gift is tax-deductible and you can be assured your money will be invested in life-changing ministry here on Delmarva, in South Jersey, and beyond.


Our annual fall fundraiser is October 19-20-21, 2021! Can we count on you to enable us to continue showing Delmarva, South Jersey, and other parts of our World that Love is The Bridge?

By giving in advance, before the on-air portion of our fall fundraiser, your gift will be used in our Challenge Fund and may be effectively doubled by The Bridge listeners during the 3-day event. Thank you in advance for helping us grow this Challenge Fund with your financial gift!

Please prayerfully consider donating today online.

Love is a commandment. Love never fails, it never ends, and love is the bridge that can unite our country and perhaps spark a much-needed revival across America and beyond.

You can be a part of that mission with your financial gift today!

Will you ensure Love Is The Bridge by giving online now?


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