October, 2019

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A few Bridge listeners
want to thank you!

I am writing this note to you on behalf of someone you may have never met. Actually, several someone’s…

And while you may have never met them. I bet you know of them.

There’s the single mom who struggles every day to get out of bed because she feels inadequate and at the end of her rope. She wanted you to know that you help give her hope.

There’s the woman whose husband died prematurely and unexpectedly. She said to tell you that some days she can barely breathe, but God has used you to give her breath.

I am writing for both of them. And also the young man who has been clean and sober for 6 months, and he said to tell you thank you for giving him the strength to make the right decision all day long.

These are real people, and their stories are real. And their gratitude is real too.

I am sharing their stories with you because they represent a portion of our community. And they rely on The Bridge to hear words of peace, songs of hope, messages that help them learn to trust God and to establish a relationship with Jesus.

They are why we do what we do. And I know that the main reason you support this ministry is because of them, and thousands more like them.

That’s why I can boldly come to you today, on behalf of the tens of thousands of people who listen to The Bridge, and ask you to help us continue to do what we do. We can’t do it without you, and right now we could use your help during our annual Fall Fundraiser.

You may never meet the family that lost their son in an accident, but you have helped them heal from the unspeakable grief. You’ll never speak to the high school senior who was going to end his life, even though you helped stop him from ending his life. And the inmate who is cut off from the world can’t write to you to thank you for providing him a lifeline.

Today, I want to say thank you on their behalf.

Your donation today will help The Bridge reach even more people.

Thanks for being a part of the team that makes the ministry of The Bridge possible. And thank you for considering an on-going monthly gift, or a single donation today to help us keep on keeping on. Your gifts are tax-deductible, and make a difference.

Thanks for your gift today!


Bill Sammons
President & General Manager, and Morning Show Co-Host


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