Read. Pray. Listen.

We’ve got a challenge for you in the New Year. Every day, READ your Bible, PRAY, and LISTEN to music that is uplifting. Start 2019 spiritually fit with The Bridge.

Start the New Year out strengthening your relationship with Jesus when you READ, PRAY and LISTEN. READ your Bible, PRAY every day, and LISTEN to music that is uplifting … on The Bridge!


Read Your Bible every day
Our encouraging daily Word of Hope can be found on the website, Facebook, Instagram, and on The Bridge’s mobile app.
We also recommend the YouVersion Bible app! It’s an easy way to approach the scriptures for the first time. Take God’s Word with you – wherever you go.


Talk to God every day
Request Prayer and Pray for Others by joining The Bridge PrayerWorks Group on Facebook. Enter into a personal, ongoing conversation with your heavenly Father – and expect Him to respond! “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” – James 4:8


Listen to Christian music every day
Start your New Year off in a special way! Listen to only The Bridge for a month. You’ll grow stronger being connected to the ‘right song at the right time’! And – The Bridge is SAFE for little ears – because everything you hear reaches your heart.