Feed a Local Family

Feed a Local Family with Every $1,000 Milestone Reached!

For every $1,000 dollar milestone reached when you call 844-345-HOPE(4673) today, 10 food vouchers will be shared with families in need in our local community. Those families will receive free meals from area Chick-fil-A Restaurants during the upcoming holidays.

With your support, not only are you helping 88.7 The Bridge with our transmitter need but you are also helping to feed hungry families right here in our community.

We hope to exceed 500 food vouchers today! We have partnered with some wonderful Chick-fil-A Restaurants in our listening area: Dover, Camden, Milford, Rehoboth Beach, Salisbury and Easton.

Through the generosity of area Chick-fil-A Restaurants…

How did we identify those in need? We have identified a few schools within our community and within the region of the participating Chick-fil-A Restaurant locations. We are working closely with the school administration as the guidance counselors work closely with those families in need. They will ensure that the food vouchers go home with these families just in time for Christmas break.

Thursday, December 7, we are asking you to pray for us and join with us, by giving hope. Call 844-345-HOPE(4673) with your best gift that will keep the ministry of 88.7 The Bridge strong as we finish out 2017, and prepare for all that God has planned in 2018.

Replacing our old transmitter…

In order to replace our old transmitter, 88.7 The Bridge is setting aside Thursday, December 7th -one day- to specifically meet the need that 88.7 The Bridge has to continue to GIVE HOPE to your hometown on Delmarva.

To replace our old transmitter with a new Nautel transmitter the cost will be $95,215. The new transmitter would not only be more reliable, it would cut our monthly electric bill of about $2600 in half! Now THAT would be better stewarding!

This is a need beyond our monthly operating expenses, and your gift to upgrade our transmitter would be a tremendous blessing.


* I authorize 88.7 The Bridge to charge my credit or debit card on a monthly basis for the amount shown. This authorization will remain in effect until I notify 88.7 The Bridge. 88.7 The Bridge will provide me with a receipt of my transactions at year end as a tax-deductible record.