Replace The Transmitter

God has left an indelible mark on our hearts for you…

And we believe that’s what He is doing all over Delmarva… leaving enduring, unfading, unforgettable, indelible marks that cannot be removed, on all of us who call Him Lord.

Thank you for praying and financially supporting the ministry of 88.7 The Bridge for the past seven years! Your support of the ministry has been overwhelming! Your stories of how God is working in your life and in the lives of the ones you love have been encouraging and our times of prayer over your prayer needs has been such a privilege.

Asking God to direct us on being even better stewards…

We’ve been asking God to direct us on how we can be even better stewards of 88.7 The Bridge and one of the ways we could do that is to upgrade our transmitter. The used transmitter we bought to initially get the station on the air back in 2010 is decades old and we’ve been very blessed over the past 7 years that its continued to do its job.

You may remember earlier this summer we had a power surge and our transmitter failed, taking us off the air. The engineer was able to find two older broken parts and solder them together to create one working part. He told us then, if we needed to order parts for that transmitter, we may not be able to get them anymore.

Replacing our old transmitter…

To replace our old transmitter with a new Nautel transmitter the cost will be $95,215. The new transmitter would not only be more reliable, it would cut our monthly electric bill of about $2600 in half! Now THAT would be better stewarding!

This is a need beyond our monthly operating expenses, and your gift to upgrade our transmitter would be a tremendous blessing.

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