You Count On The Bridge

You Count on The Bridge…

A Bridge listener sent us a check last week and she said she thought it was important to ‘support the things you care for and count on.’

Wow, how awesome is that?! If you care for The Bridge, and count on us for hope-filled music and encouragement, could we ask you to do the same, and help us remain financially solid through the summer?

The Bridge counts on You…

Would you take a minute now to make a tax-deductible donation? We’d also like to hear from you about which song right is especially helping you navigate the Summer of 2020.

Watch the video above and see which songs are impacting some of our announcers, and then let us know your favorite.

Thanks for your financial support!

It is how we stay on the air, and we would really appreciate your help right now when giving is traditionally slow.


Bill Sammons
General Manager and Morning Show Co-Host

* I authorize The Bridge to charge my credit or debit card on a monthly basis for the amount shown. This authorization will remain in effect until I notify The Bridge. The Bridge will provide me with a receipt of my transactions at year end as a tax-deductible record.

Other Ways To Give

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