Dominican Republic Supply Drop

Here’s a special opportunity to help the people in the Dominican Republic! There are fifteen (15) Listeners from The Bridge going on a Mission Trip in January 2019.

These items are needed to so that we can do outreach, feed the dump people, give some basic medical treatment, provide activity for children, minister to ladies and children working on the streets at night, and provide a few musical needs for local churches.

Drop Off Deadline: Deliver items by December 20th

Drop Off Times: Monday-thru-Friday – 10 AM – 3 PM

Drop Off Locations:

  • The Bridge Studio & Office, 1977 Bay Road, Milford DE (Phone: 302-422-6909)
  • The Bridge Office, 1147 Ocean Highway, Pocomoke, MD (Phone: 410-202-2875)

Drop Off Items Needed:

Peanut butter (need 45 jars)
Tuna (need 45 cans)
Crayons, any size (need 90 boxes)
Pencils (need 90 boxes)
Peanuts (need 30 non-glass containers)
Multivitamins (need 30 bottles)
Codfish Oil (need 30 bottles)
Basketballs-deflated (need 15)
Disposable diapers -any size/age (need 15+pkgs)
Fans (need 15)
Foldable cymbal stand (need 2)
Personal guitar amp (like Rogue G10) (need 2)

Old large suitcases (need 15)
Monetary donations to pay for airline baggage fees (need $975)

Extra Items
Microphone cables
Outdoor paintbrushes
Children’s shoes any size – can be GENTLY used
Adhesive bandages, fun designs
Bandages for wrapping
Triple antibiotic ointment
Alcohol wipes
Cold packs

We so appreciate anything you can do to help!