Fall Fundraiser October 13, 14, 15

One of my favorite Bible stories is about Moses on a hill.

Moses stood on a hill watching a battle between the people of Israel and a group of Nomadic raiders. Whenever Moses lifted his arms, the Israelites had the advantage.

But when his arms were down, the Amalekites would take control.

Moses raised his arms and watched his side prevail until his arms became so heavy that he couldn’t hold them up any longer.

Would Israel lose the battle?

If you’ve ever read Exodus 17, you know that at that moment, Aaron and Hur came alongside Moses and held up his weary arms for him.

The Israelites won the battle. Together.

Moses was an exceptional leader. His arms were the ones extended to part the Red Sea, for Pete’s sake!

Yet there came a point when he needed help.

Throughout the pandemic, The Bridge has continued to serve our community the best we can.

Even as we have had to cancel events, temporarily move our broadcasts from the studio to our homes, and even cancel our spring fundraiser, God has provided to keep the messages and music of hope going.

Our fall fundraiser is coming up October 13-14-15 and we anticipate seeing God’s provision again.

However, we need a few Aarons and Hurs to stand with us and hold up our arms!

Could I ask you to consider making a donation now, or perhaps begin or increase your ongoing support, to help The Bridge finish the year strong?

Strengthening lives in your community!

Your gifts are tax-deductible, but more importantly, they will be used to fund a ministry that is focused on connecting people to Jesus and strengthening lives in our community at a time when our world is becoming more and more divided and weakened.

Thank you for holding up our arms by giving online now.

We’re stronger together.


Bill Sammons
President & General Manager, and Morning Show Co-Host