RELYance Skim Camp

We are Dave and Tom Bracht, the owners of RELYance Skim Camp. We are two brothers that grew up landlocked in central Pennsylvania, of all places! We quickly learned that there is no ocean in PA, but were fortunate in that our parents took us camping at the beach in Delaware for a week or two every summer. One day as we were building sandcastles, we watched a kid with a little round skimboard sliding back and forth on the edge of the water. It looked like fun, so we asked if we could try, and instantly we were hooked. Fast forward 13 to 14 years and the Bracht Brothers are professional skim boarders riding for Exile Skimboards.

One thing that is strong in our hearts is our passion for the Lord and for helping others. We started RELYance Skim Camp as an alternative to the everyday skimboard instructional camp. We RELY on God and wanted to not only teach what we love to do, skimboarding, but also give kids positive role models to look up to. We want kids to learn to stay true to themselves, never give up on their dreams, and that anything is possible through prayer and hard work; look at us. We hope that you will join us as we try to make a difference in lives through skim boarding!

Dave Bracht