Episode 001: She’s Got Guy Friends, He’s Got Girl Friends

We see it on TV all the time; and we don’t think anything of it, because it’s “normal.” The boundaries of marriage are blurred from person to person, and from show to show. How do you know where the line is? We explore this topic on the very first episode of The Bridge Podcast.


0:50 – Mark admits he just discovered the TV show ‘Friends’ and has a revelation!

3:00 – ‘Can men be best friends with women?’ – Bill recalls the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’

4:55 – Drawing the line and the risk of crossing it

7:00 – Couples communication and better ways to keep chat public

8:15 – Denise says she has a lot of male and female friends and respects boundary lines

8:50 – Bill and Denise reveal how close they really are

11:05 – What about praying together? Alone, in Pairs, in Groups, and with Your Spouse

13:25 – Bill recommends Jay and Laura Laffoon book “He Said, She Said”

15:55 – Dangers of getting attention from elsewhere when communication with your spouse suffers

16:50 – Some reflection and take away’s you can put into action


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