Episode 002: Bah Humbug! A Christians Guide to Christmas

We’ve all been there, trying to remember the reason for the season while we race from store to store trying to fabricate the “perfect Christmas.” Join Bill, Denise, Mark, and Andrew as they peel back some of the things that distract us from what Christmas is all about. We explore this topic on the second episode of The Bridge Podcast.


01:10 – Christmas Movies

02:15 – Many Christians don’t like Christmas

04:05 – Teaching kids good habits (Andrew’s kids give toys away)

05:30 – Christmas catalogs “I realized what I DIDN’T have” – Mark

07:20 – “Don’t give gifts, give experiences” – Bill

08:30 – Dealing with Stress, Overspending, and Budgeting – Denise

09:10 – Saving for Christmas – Mark / Christmas Club – Bill

10:10 – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday

11:55 – Share a Talent Before Unwrapping Gifts – Bill

12:55 – Conquering Grief at Christmastime – Denise

13:50 – Grandfather’s Willow Tree ornaments – Andrew

15:40 – Takeaways – How will you turn Bah Humbug into a Merry Christmas this year?


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