Episode 003: What is Quality Time?

Watching TV with my family counts as quality time right? Does it? This week on The Bridge Podcast we talk about what it really means to spend good quality time with the ones you love. Enjoy this episode of The Bridge Podcast!


01:20 – Kids Spell Love TIME

02:10 – Find things your family enjoys doing, and do them together

03:20 – God wants to enter your world, and co-create with you

05:20 – Realizing how much your parents have listened to you with devoted attention

06:20 – Super Nanny recommends five minutes of focused attention

09:00 – Some fun activities for quality family time

13:45 – Circles Are Better Than Rows

14:25 – How do you fit in the quality time into your schedule?

17:10 – The bittersweet time spent together

17:30 – Takeaways


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