Episode 004: Keeping Up With The Joneses

There they go again; getting a promotion, a new TV, and a dream vacation. The Joneses are always one step ahead of you in every way. This week on The Bridge Podcast we look at how to handle those people who seem to always have what we don’t.


00:20 – Where did the phrase ‘Keeping up with the Joneses’ come from?

01:50 – It is easy to fall into comparing yourself to others

02:55 – Social media amplifies everything

04:00 – What are some of the comparisons with which you struggle?

06:12 – Don’t try to be just like your parents

07:55 – Gratitude vs Comparison

09:15 – Don’t lean your ladder against the wrong building

10:45 – Proverbs 30:7-9 – Give me just enough, Lord!

11:35 – Winning the lottery!

12:35 – We don’t know the cost someone paid to be in the position they are in

13:00 – Takeaways


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