Episode 005: Read.

The Bible contains 66 books. There are 40 authors. It comes in 208 different translations and 68 languages. You can read, listen, or watch the Bible in so many different formats that the choice can be overwhelming. But do you take the time to read your Bible once a day? This week on The Bridge Podcast we discuss the benefits and challenges of reading your Bible each day – for just thirty days.


00:42 – Meet our special guest Pastor Burt Miller, Solid Ground Church in Lewes, DE

01:02 – Read. Pray. Listen. Challenge for the next thirty days

01:35 – Get motivated to open your Bible

02:50 – Get to do – Not have to do

04:00 – Reading versus studying everyday

05:25 – The Message Bible

07:30 – The One Year Bible

08:45 – Where should you get started reading the Bible?

10:05 – The Four Gospels

12:00 – Finding time to read your Bible

14:52 – What about Listening to your Bible?

15:20 – Takeaways


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