Episode 006: Pray.

Prayer provides a special connection between you and the God of the universe. Are you taking time each day to meet with Him to deepen your relationship? Our special guest this episode is Pastor Danny Tice, Bay Shore Community Church in Millsboro and Rehoboth Beach, DE. The Read. Pray. Listen. Challenge continues as we develop habits of spiritual growth for the next thirty days.


0:55 – Denise Harper gets transferred to the Afternoon Show

2:00 – What is prayer?

4:15 – “You Know in Your Knower”

6:30 – Reading Scripture and Prayer go hand in hand

7:00 – Does your mind wander when you pray?

7:30 – Pastor Danny Tice uses a specific Prayer system – A.C.T.S.

8:00 – Adoration

8:40 – Confession

9:50 – Thanks

10:40 – Supplication

13:10 – When is the best time to pray?

14:10 – Today, it seems easier to text than to pray

17:10 – Have an open conversation with God throughout the day

18:40 – PrayerWorks on Facebook from The Bridge

19:40 – There is power in prayer! It’s about relationship

20:30 – Do you have a set prayer time each day?

23:20 – Takeaways


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