Episode 007: Listen.

The music you choose has a more significant impact on your life than you might realize. Are you supporting your spirit with positive messages of hope? Stop following the old ‘garbage in, garbage out’ routine! Dr. Ada Gonzalez is our special guest this episode. She is a marriage and family therapist in Milford, DE and has also done extensive research into the impact of music on our lives. The Read. Pray. Listen. Challenge continues as we develop habits of spiritual growth for the next thirty days.


1:20 – Introducing Dr. Ada Gonzalez

1:45 – Christian music recommended above other music

2:00 – Music doesn’t pass through the rational part of your brain first

2:45 – Garbage in, garbage out

3:15 – The horrible messages we hear stay in our mind, and take root in our heart

4:00 – Andrew used a Walk-man, Bill had a…

6:05 – Mark still loves music from his past, but is careful about how often he listens

6:45 – Music helps you remember the moments of your life

7:50 – Dan Fogelberg’s ‘Same Auld Lang Syne’

8:20 – Positive music can turn your perspective around

9:10 – There is encouraging music in every genre

9:30 – Andrew raps!

10:10 – Search for Christian alternatives to mainstream musicians

12:12 – The Mary Rule

13:30 – After thirty days of the Read. Pray. Listen. Challenge how do you continue?

14:33 – Attend concerts to discover new artists

15:30 – Denise recalls one mother’s story about helping her daughter with music

16:50 – Bill shares the story of a young man who’s life was saved through music

18:00 – ‘Melody aids memory!’

19:15 – Takeaways


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