Episode 008: Lifelong Habits

What are some of your habits? Not the bad habits you want to drop. But the good habits that help you grow spiritually. Discover some habits that create a life long impact that will change you for the better. Ben Sorrells joins the podcast as our guest this episode. He is the Events Coordinator at The Bridge, and shares about his experience during the Read. Pray. Listen. Challenge.


0:35 – Denise Harper, Morning Show Host, asks how much time you spend watching TV and reading books?

1:15 – Bill Sammons, Morning Show Host, about how he took part in the Read. Pray. Listen. Challenge

1:50 – Ben Sorrells, Events Coordinator at The Bridge is our guest

4:10 – Mark Dickey, Afternoon Show Host, has been focused on the words of music played on The Bridge

5:30 – Andrew Jackson, Director of Marketing, renewed a commitment to prayer journaling

7:00 – After the thirty day challenge, how do we proceed when the excitement wears off?

8:45 – Techniques for keeping your Bible reading fresh

13:20 – Focus on your relationship with God when you read, pray, and listen

16:20 – Continue the on-going conversation with God, and being aware of His response, through Prayer

20:12 – Music on The Bridge helps connect you with God, and strengthen your faith

25:55 – Takeaways


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