Episode 009: Finding ONE WORD to Live By

Can One Word guide you toward your goals and aspirations? How can you go about finding your One Word? And are you letting God guide you toward that One Word? Denise Harper shares the journey she took to find her One Word, and how she puts it to use as her watch word throughout the year.


1:25 – What is this idea of One Word all about?

1:45 – Denise Harper explains how she first discovered the practice of finding your One Word

3:20 – “Speak small, Listen large”

4:05 – What resources are best for finding your One Word?

5:00 – Personal intention or waiting on a God guided One Word?

6:35 – Denise Harper suggests One Word for Bill Sammons

7:50 – Mark Dickey explains his One Word (Andrew Jackson still doesn’t have One Word)

9:45 – Debbie Macomber’s ‘One Perfect Word’ from Simon & Schuster, Inc.

11:00 – Find your One Word through the confirmation of friends

12:45 – Mark asks Denise, with regard to her One Word, if she feels a sense of completion at the end of the year

14:35 – My One Word is a Bible Study to help find your One Word

15:30 – The concept and practice of choosing One Word may not resonate with everyone, and that’s OK

16:45 – What’s Your One Word? Send us an email at podcast@887thebridge.com

17:00 – Takeaways


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