Episode 010: Soulmates, True Love, and The One

When you are wandering the world looking for that special someone, it can be very daunting. But everybody has that one perfect person… right? The odds are 1 in 7.53 billion that he or she is out there looking for you too. Join the conversation as we discuss soulmates, true love, and The One.


0:35 – The hosts think of some Famous Couples

2:40 – The odds of finding one perfect person for you

4:00 – Has anyone really been completed by anyone else?

5:05 – A great fit now, but life throws you curve balls, and you might change over time

6:40 – So what is a soulmate?

8:20 – Do you remember Natalie Grant’s TV show ‘It Takes a Church’?

12:15 – Life isn’t rainbows and roses, you need a strong partner

14:10 – Top Ten ways to know you found the perfect person

15:55 – Rely on what God says in His word about finding a partner, and forming a strong marriage

16:50 – Jay & Laura Lafoon are Marriage Experts who host the Celebrate Your Marriage Conference and Ultimate Date Night events across the country. They can be heard daily on The Bridge!

19:45 – Takeaways


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