Episode 011: Moving at God Speed

We move at a break neck pace through life. But humans didn’t always operate that way – especially in Jesus’ day. And they were better for it. In this episode, we discuss slowing down the pace of life to match God’s stride. And how that can be done effectively in a world that sometimes seems to be spinning out of control.

The film ‘GOD SPEED: The Pace of Being Known’ is the story of an American pastor whose desire to change the world grinds to a halt in a Scottish parish. Godspeed was shot in three days, in three villages, by three friends. What began as a five minute video ended as a half-hour portrait of the people and places who had taught Matt to repent & rest.
You can watch the entire film online and gain access to study materials for your church, your small group, and yourself on the film website at https://www.livegodspeed.org


0:10 – Introductions with Bill Sammons, Denise Harper, Mark Dickey, and Andrew Jackson

0:30 – What is the film ‘GOD SPEED: The Pace of Being Known’?

1:20 – Theologian N.T. Wright explains the pace of God (https://ntwrightonline.org)

2:45 – The average human, even encumbered, walks at 3 miles per hour

3:20 – Mark makes a great point – be content in the moment, the journey is more important than the destination

4:45 – Learn the name of a neighbor, a dog, and a tree – a tree?!

6:00 – Why would someone want to slow down and watch this film?

6:55 – The importance of stability and a community of people who know you

7:50 – An amazing story of how one man came to believe in Jesus

9:55 – Moving around often spreads out the relationships you try to maintain

11:00 – Many people find it easy to ‘hide’ is on social media

12:30 – Assuming you are willing to be vulnerable, and to be known

14:10 – Mark know’s the sound of his neighbor’s yawn, but not his name

15:10 – Denise was really inspired by the God Speed film

17:15 – What did Bill hope to achieve by sharing the God Speed film with The Bridge staff?

18:53 – How did Bill’s relationship with the tree progress?

21:00 – Practicing a different pace of life

23:20 – It is not boring – it is fascinating!

23:45 – Takeaways


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