Episode 012: Making Lasting Memories

Each day is filled with interactions, tasks, and idle time. But some days stick out as special, unique, and memorable. On this episode we take a look at how memories are made. And we ask why some memories stick out in your mind more than others. Join us as we discuss was to be more intentional about making new memories with the people we know and love.


0:20 – Welcome and Introductions

1:20 – What makes memories stick around?

2:50 – Emotion, positive or negative, locks a memory into your brain

3:30 – Denise recalls a great memory

4:50 – Six weeks from now you may not remember what you did last Wednesday

5:35 – Mark remembers a family trip, and reflects on the memory

6:50 – Andrew’s family trip sparks a lasting memory

7:50 – The little things matter

8:40 – Be intentional about the outcome of your future

9:10 – Bill shares a method for intentional memory making

9:55 – Denise, Mark, and Andrew consider how to be more intentional

14:00 – Takeaways


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