Episode 014: Talk To Strangers

You’ve heard it since childhood – “Don’t talk to strangers!” While it is great advice for young kids, if you are too cautious you might miss the chance to make a new friend, receive a blessing, or introduce someone to Christ.


1:00 – Andrew gives a guy the cold shoulder

2:53 – Mark receives a blessing from a stranger

4:40 – Being approachable and talking with strangers has its benefits

5:00 – Meeting new people can be uncomfortable and dangerous

5:30 – Bill reflects on how kids get along immediately without prejudice

7:15 – Denise meets a lot of people, how does she make safe introductions?

9:00 – When Bill and Denise first met!

9:20 – So what are some of the benefits of meeting new people

9:53 – Mark explains a quoted phrase

10:50 – Jesus was a living example of how best to meet strangers

12:40 – Mark recalls a good friend who handles talking with people well


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