Episode 015: Youth and Social Media

How do you respond when your 8 year old asks for their own Snapchat account? Social media and digital content are part of our daily lives. But how soon is too soon for your son or daughter to be left alone to wander the internet. Are they being left behind by their peers? Will they lose an edge in the classroom? We talk with our special guest Matthew Windsor – the Area Director for Southern Delaware YoungLife – about youth and social media.

Matt is also the student ministries director at Eagle’s Nest Church in Milton, DE. He is married to Erin Windsor and they have three children, Noah, Ellianna, and Thompson. Matt and his family came to our community by way of the Eastern Shore of Maryland where their families still reside.


0:35 – Special Guest Matthew Windsor – the Area Director for Southern Delaware YoungLife

0:50 – What is YoungLife and how did Matt get involved?

2:20 – Your 8 year old asks for a Snapchat account! What do you do?

3:40 – Being active on social media takes a lot of time away from what kids should be focused on

4:35 – Denise shares how she taught her kids about social media

5:10 – The Momo Challenge and worse case scenerios

6:50 – Kids cannot escape the influence of friends on social media

7:55 – What are safe ways, and safe ages for kids to start learning about social media?

9:40 – Be proactive, not reactive

10:10 – Follow my ‘Finsta’!

12:10 – The stess level of teens is ticking up

12:50 – Be aware of the negative impacts of social media on yourself, and your kids

13:30 – How should parents get involved with their kid’s social media usage?

15:30 – You’ve got all the protections in place, time to sit back and relax! Right?

17:20 – Guide them until they have a strong moral compass of their own


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