Episode 016: Cow Tipping

Have you ever been cow tipping? We highly recommend taking time to find the right cow, and push it over! Join us as we discuss how to identify idols, what you can do to topple them, and the problem with putting even good things between you and God.


1:15 – What exactly is Cow Tipping?

2:30 – How to hypnotize a chicken

4:00 – Mark explains ‘cow tipping’

6:00 – What are some things that take our attention away from God?

7:45 – Time better spent?

8:00 – Bill asks an important question about priorities and idols

9:00 – Lord, do I have an idol? What is it?

10:30 – Some ways to identify idols in your life

12:30 – Fear can become an idol! Robbing you of your time with God

15:05 – Denise reminds us about what is most important

18:00 – What has most of your time during the week? Try a week without…

19:10 – Putting down the good, for the great

21:25 – Pray about it!

22:50 – Takeaways



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