Episode 017: Best Friends

What is the ideal ‘friend group’ size? Are you the third wheel or the fifth? We have friends on Facebook. A group of people we try to stay connected to on a regular basis. And then we have our BEST Friends. But it can be difficult to make time to spend with others. Is it better to Go Deep with a few, or Go Wide with a group? And what does the life of Jesus teach us about making, keeping, and living with our best friends?


4:00 – How many friends do you have on Facebook?

5:55 – Mark admits to ‘snoozing’ Bill for 30 Days

6:50 – How many people are you hanging out with on a regular basis – day to day?

9:10 – What about your BEST Friends?

10:20 – Mark’s Best Friend demonstrates how far a friend will go for you

11:20 – Denise’s Best Friends started their group in a Bible Study

12:12 – Denise explains the idea of a Tribe

13:10 – Bill’s close friend lives three time zone’s away! It is tough to stay in touch

14:00 – Different phases of life and a great recommendation by Denise!

15:55 – What if I don’t have time to get together with friends?

17:35 – Bill explains how unhealthy going through life alone can be to you

19:10 – How many people will carry your casket?

20:18 – Going Deep with a few, or Going Wide with a group

21:25 – Everyone should always have four people to carry their mat

22:30 – Takeaways


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