Episode 018: Youth Ministry

What would you do to get your grandkids to go to church? What was Youth Ministry like for YOU? How can parents help their kids thrive in Youth Ministry? Do you make attendance a mandatory experience? Or is youth ministry difficult to attend for your kids? We talk with our speical guest Matthew Windsor – the Area Director for Southern Delaware YoungLife – about the state of youth ministry today.

Matt is also the student ministries director at Eagle’s Nest Church in Milton, DE. He is married to Erin Windsor and they have three children, Noah, Ellianna, and Thompson. Matt and his family came to our community by way of the Eastern Shore of Maryland where their families still reside.


2:00 – Are Youth Groups DEAD!?

3:00 – Mark recalls how Young Life led him to Christ

3:55 – Denise remembers her son’s experience with Young Life

5:13 – It can be difficult to invite kids to a Church function – Mark shares a story that puts it in perspective

6:20 – Today’s Youth Ministry is different by design

7:55 – Andrew and Denise reminisce about the good old days of Youth Group – and Hydrox!

9:20 – How does someone get involved with Youth Ministry Leadership?

11:08 – “Parents these days… uughh… what are we gonna do with parents these days?”

13:15 – Denise shares Bill Sammon’s story about heading out on a Youth Group Trip that changed his life

14:45 – Matthew Windsor recounts his first time going to a youth group meeting

15:30 – Takeaways


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