Episode 019: The Cross

SPECIAL Pastor Roundtable discussion on Easter organized by MOUNTAIRE FARMS. Roger Marino of Mountaire Farms helped to organize the discussion and shares a bit about Thanksgiving at Easter.

Guests include Pastor Bruce Rogers of Long Neck UMC in Long Neck, DE – Pastor Art Roxby of Milford Church of the Nazarene in Milford, DE – Jim Dorton of Three Stones Church in Dover, DE – Pastor Rick Betts of Crossroad Community Church in Georgetown, DE.

What historical facts support the claim that Jesus lived, and died on a cross? Do we take the whole claim on Faith alone – or – should we handle the events of the cross with a mixture of historical evidence, and faith? What is so ‘good’ about Good Friday?

We also find out how our Guest Pastors recognize and remember the events of the cross during the Easter season – and throughout the entire year?


5:15 – Mark Dickey gives a brief synopsis of the whole story

6:55 – Pastor Rick points out how God started blood sacirifice way back in the Garden of Eden

9:00 – Pastor Jim Dorton explains how putting Christ into the Old Testament helps you to see the purpose of everything leading up to the cross

9:50 – Pastor Art Roxby unpacks the historical markers of evidence that this event took place, and explains how faith is added to fact

12:45 – Pastor Bruce Rogers clears up the confusion behind the name ‘Good Friday’ for a day filled with so much pain for Christ

15:55 – Pastor Art Roxby shares insights from a Bible Study concerning the image we have of God, and how we can see Him through Jesus Christ

17:35 – Pastor Rick reminds us to look at the cross with spiritual eyes – not only through the lens of natural eyes

20:33 – Pastor Jim Dorton explains how the events of the cross were God’s Will

23:40 – Easter is a traditional, seasonal event every year – our Guest Pastors share how they recognize and remember the events of the cross during the Easter season

31:30 – Should we recognize and celebrate the events of the cross throughout the year?

37:43 – Takeaways


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