Episode 020: The Resurrection

SPECIAL Pastor Roundtable discussion on Easter organized by MOUNTAIRE FARMS. Roger Marino of Mountaire Farms helped to organize the discussion and shares a bit about Thanksgiving at Easter.

Guests include Pastor Bruce Rogers of Long Neck UMC in Long Neck, DE – Pastor Mark Magee of The Crossing in Lewes, DE – Pastor Mark Massey of The River Church in Berlin, MD – Pastor Ryan Coon of Calvary Church in Dover, DE.

What historical facts support the claim that Jesus was raised from the dead? What if Jesus died for our sins (forgiven) but did not rise from the dead? Does the resurrection affect us, or was it just a new life for Jesus? How hard is it to believe that a man could rise from the dead? Kind of weird isn’t it!

We also find out how our Guest Pastors recognize and remember the resurrection during the Easter season and throughout the entire year?


4:17 – Andrew Jackson asks the Guest Pastors if they hunt for Easter eggs!

5:45 – Mark Dickey gives a brief synopsis of the whole story

6:50 – Pastor Ryan Coon and Pastor Mark Massy explain why Jesus Christ had to come back to life after dying on the cross

8:20 – Pastor Mark Magee reminds us that Jesus said He would rise from the grave

8:42 – Pastor Bruce Rogers compares Jesus to other well known prophets who walked the Earth, and why the resurrection matters

9:23 – Andrew questions what many people wonder – Is there historical evidence that Jesus Christ rose from the dead? And do we have to ‘take it all on faith alone’?

11:47 – Pastor Mark Massey considers how hard headed some of the Disciples were throughout Jesus’ life – and how drastically their lives changed when they witneses His resurrection

12:30 – Pastor Bruce Rogers explains the nickname ‘Doubting Thomas’ and how his story matters to us

14:10 – But… like Zombies?!

18:08 – Pastor Bruce Rogers reminds us that the one thing humans cannot control yet is eventual, final Death

19:10 – What would have happened if Jesus Christ died to forgive our sins on the cross, but then He did not rise from the dead?

20:45 – In what ways does the resurrection affect an individual?

24:50 – Pastor Ryan Coon reflects on life and death, and what it means to live true life

25:00 – What do each of the Guest Pastors do to recognize and remember the events of the resurrection during the Easter season?

29:08 – Should we recognize and celebrate the events of the resurrection throughout the year?

31:45 – Takeaways


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