Episode 023: Summer Vacation

Kids are counting down the days left in school. Parents are dreading the hours of hearing “I’m bored!” Summer vacation is just around the corner and you had better get ready. The Bridge shines some light on activities and options for young children, middle aged kids, and college students returning home.


1:50 – Summer is knocking at the door

2:25 – Mark chopped wood all Summer, Andrew cut the grass with a push mower

3:25 – Mark and Andrew share some things they did to have FUN during the Summer months

4:50 – Going away to Summer Camp!

7:15 – Remembering Camp Pecometh

8:25 – Parents are dreading Summer and finding things for their kids to do

8:50 – Do you have very young children, middle aged kids, or college students returning home?

9:00 – Hurdles and solutions for Summer with elementary and pre-school aged children

12:00 – Middle Aged kids doesn’t mean 40-Year Old Children!

14:15 – Work might not be an option – but keep learning and growing all Summer long

15:10 – Delaware Technical and Community College Summer Camps, Chesapeake College Peake Summer for Youth, 4-H Day Camps and Summer Camp, YMCA of Delaware, YMCA of the Chesapeake, Boys & Girls Clubs of Delaware

18:00 – Local libraries are a GREAT option that fits the Family Budget!

19:40 – Delaware State Parks Day Camps or Summer Programs, and Maryland Statewide Park Programs, both offer a huge range of environmental and life skills learning

20:25 – Your local church is a wonderful resource offering Vacation Bible Schools, and other Summer activities. Check the Community Calendar

22:00 – College Students are also heading home for the Summer

24:00 – Andrew shares about a unique Summer Job experience he found on CoolWorks.com

25:00 – Mark recalls his Summer Internship with Elevation Church! (Whoa!!)

26:10 – Go on a Mission Trip! Serve others, grow in faith, and change your life.

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