Episode 026: Detours

You’ve got a plan. A schedule. An outcome in mind. Then you get detoured. What if we told you that the interruptions you perceive as ‘detours’ are part of God’s plan?


1:45 – Denise Harper heard a clip from a sermon that struck a nerve!
2:30 – I know where I want to be – but why do I have to take this detour?
3:20 – Getting lost in the Largest County East of the Mississippi
4:15 – Detours can be a good and positive thing
5:20 – Ferris Bueller says…
7:25 – Rethinking your goals and objectives
9:50 – Unlike GPS, God is never ‘recalculating’
12:30 – Not every detour is about us
14:05 – We can be our own worst enemy at times
16:45 – God might want you pursuing a different goal
17:30 – God can redeem our previously poor decisions
18:25 – Takeaways

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