Episode 028: Local Missions

We often think of going FAR away on mission trips … but that is not always the case. There are global, national, regional, and even LOCAL mission work opportunities out there. Join us for a discussion with special guest Ben Sorrells, The Bridge Special Event Coordinator, who also leads The Bridge Mission Teams to our adopted village La Union Abajo in the Dominican Republic.


1:20 – Ben Sorrells admits to lurking outside the close Victoria’s Restaurant
2:55 – What are ‘Missions’?
4:00 – Ben explains The Bridge Mission of our adopted village La Union Abajo in the Dominican Republic, with Crossover CUPS MISSION
6:20 – What is the difference between Global, National, Regional, and Local scale mission work?
8:00 – Identify your sphere of influence
9:00 – Mark, Denise, and Andrew share their mission trip stories
11:20 – Thinking about taking your FIRST step toward mission work?
13:20 – Ben shares some part of his lifestyle which were actually local mission work
14:25 – The Bridge Hands & Feet Volunteer Service Day
18:40 – Andrew shares a personal Hands & Feet story
20:35 – Mark explains an outreach program his church does
21:55 – Mission work and serving is really a form of worship, first and foremost
22:55 – Ideas for finding LOCAL mission work in your own sphere of influence
25:20 – Takeaways

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