Episode 029: Teaching Kids Stewardship

Using your resources, skills, and abilities to honor God is what ‘Stewardship’ is all about. Our special guest Kristin Boyce, Director of Donor Development at The Bridge, helps us figure out the best ways to teach our children about being good stewards.


1:35 – Meet Kristin Boyce – The Bridge’s Director of Donor Development
3:55 – Time, Talent, and Treasure
4:25 – What is ‘Stewardship’?
5:50 – Mark shares a story about his parents, his chores, and the terrible toys he bought
9:00 – How can parents today teach better resource management that honors God?
10:50 – Demonstrate Giving
13:25 – Tithing and Treasure Hunting on Earth!
17:15 – Get your children involved in a generous and frugal lifestyle
18:10 – Give Instead of Receive with Charity Birthday Parties
19:55 – Comb through their stuff with them and donate items to others
20:45 – Take part in the Drive Thru Connection
21:45 – Takeaways

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