Episode 030: Picky Eaters

After grocery shopping, food prep, cooking, and setting out the meal – the last thing you want to hear is rejection. But across the table from you sits the World’s Toughest Critic. Your child – The Picky Eater! How can you serve foods they will enjoy without going out of your way to create a seperate menu? Are picky eaters able to maintain a healthy diet on the few items they agree to consume? Kim Willey and Kristin Boyce help turn the tables on the pickiest of pickey eaters in this episode of The Bridge Podcast.


0:45 – Welcoming Kim Willey (Director of Business Development) and Kristin Boyce (Director of Donor Development) to the podcast
2:30 – Who else hated chili, liver, and green veggies as a kid?
4:30 – Teaching your children to cook helps broaden their eating options
6:45 – Feeding babies means following restrictions, but they also surprise you
7:30 – Kristin’s daughter used to love peas – but developed an allergy
9:00 – You HAVE to try it!
11:00 – Try a dish three times and your kids might start to enjoy it
12:20 – Parents should get on the same page about what the family tries and eats
13:00 – “French Kids Eat Everything” by Karen Le Billon is a great book Mark Dickey recommends
15:15 – Kids visiting a friend will be confronted with a dish they don’t know, or enjoy
16:15 – Kim Willey recommends the book “Deceptively Delicious” by Jessica Seinfeld
18:20 – “What’s with this pizza!?” – Jerry Seinfeld
19:15 – Cutting back on surgar can help your palate appreciate natural foods
22:00 – How do you shop in the grocery store for the best foods for your family?
23:00 – Takeaways

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