Episode 031: Bored Kids

Should you be your kid’s primary form of entertainment? Are you responsible for making sure every moment of their day is filled with activity? Ben Sorrells, The Bridge Special Event Coordinator, joins Mark Dickey and Andrew Jackson to reflect on how they avoided boredom as kids. There is a trend of over-scheduling children’s lives – but is that healthy? You can let kids get bored. In fact, it is probably good for them!


0:55 – Mark, Ben, and Andrew were all kids at one time
2:00 – Never say “I’m bored!”
3:00 – How full is your child’s schedule?
4:50 – Kids need to explore new things to find their passion
6:10 – On demand entertainment robs kids of creativity
8:00 – There are many ways to help facilitate fun for kids
10:00 – Do not feel guilty for not playing with your kids sometimes
12:10 – Psychologists say children will create out of nothing
14:20 – Fun shouldn’t always cost money
15:30 – Four tips to help children play independantly
16:50 – Enjoy a Do Nothing Night!
17:30 – As a parent, guilt can trap you when it comes to preparing your children for success in life
19:00 – Takeaways

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