Episode 033: Trusting Media in a Deepfake World

Can you trust your source of news? In a world of deepfakes, trust in media is in steep decline. Deepfake (a made-up word coined from a combination of the words “deep learning” and “fake”) is a technique for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence. Deepfakes can be used to create fake news and malicious hoaxes. In addition, doctored photos and fake news dominate the landscape. The hosts discuss doing research on news stories, and how to evaluate your media choices to ensure you get the truth.


22:10 – Bill Sammons was an Old School Newshound with a background in journalism
3:30 – What in the world is a Deepfake?!
4:00 – Denise Harper experiences her first Deepfake video
6:00 – Imagine the outcome if this technology were abused – Politico Article
7:45 – Fake video, photos, and articles – including believable satire
9:45 – The Onion and Babylon Bee satire articles are shared as real news by some people
11:00 – Mark Dickey has an idea about how we can cross check what we read and see
13:00 – Bill Sammons reminds us that journalism has shifted from facts to bias
15:00 – Denise Harper is a Mom – verified by three sources!
16:30 – Dry and boring news is uninteresting, most people gravitate to sensational sources
17:15 – Journalists should be asking hard questions to keep others honest – but real journalism is dying
18:30 – Pray for discernment, ask a well informed friend for input, discuss stories with others
19:45 – Takeaways

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