Episode 034: New Parenting Advice

Mark Dickey and his wife Brittany are expecting their first child. On this episode Bill, Denise, and Andrew share some of their best advice for new parents. Between wisdom gained by making mistakes, and insights discovered by serendipity – Mark gets an earful of tips from his co-hosts.


1:00 – Consider a Baby-moon – a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born
2:30 – Planning is essential – but be flexible
4:00 – Andrew learns some bsic math
5:20 – Denise reminds new Parents that the cleaning can wait
6:25 – Kids spell love T-I-M-E
7:00 – Bill discovered children are resilient
8:00 – Beware! Babies put everything in their mouth!
9:15 – Differences between the First, Second and Third Child
9:45 – You don’t need all the STUFF
11:00 – Leashes…
12:00 – Mark asks, “What was something that caught you completely off guard?”
17:00 – Fake it till you make it – unless you’re a parent!
18:30 – Comparison to other parents (No. 6 on Bill Sammon’s Top Ten Parenting Tips!)
23:23 – The days are long, but the years are short
25:50 – Takeaways

Bill Sammon’s Top Ten Parenting Tips

No. 1 – Enjoy Your Personal Time Beforehand
No. 2 – Don’t Focus on Your Child to the Exclusion of Your Spouse
No. 3 – They Won’t Break
No. 4 – Bring Them With You
No. 5 – Don’t Push Them, Lead Them
No. 6 – Don’t Compare Yourself with Other Parents or Children
No. 7 – Help Them Find What They Were Made For
No. 8 – Everybody Has Advice – But It Is Your Child
No. 9 – Kids Spell Love T-I-M-E
No. 10 – They Are God’s – You Are Steward of His Blessing


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