Episode 036: Sports Moms

Sports are GREAT for your kids! Improve health, confidence, and discipline. Build valuable community and team-building skills. But being on a sports team affects the whole family. How can a busy Mom balance sports and family? Let’s talk about it…


0:25 – Kim Willey and Kristin Boyce join us as voices of experience being Sports Moms
2:35 – Andrew explains his limited sports experience
4:25 – If your kids want to pursue sports – what’s the best way to start?
6:25 – Carpools rock!
8:00 – Travel Sports explained for parents new to the sports world
9:45 – Fitting Church into your sports schedule
11:10 – FCA – Fellowship of Christian Athletes
12:30 – Other Players and their Families are a great mission field
14:30 – These hectic days are the best days of our lives!
15:25 – Keeping a busy schedule on top of sports practice and meets
16:35 – Being together as a Family is the most important part
17:40 – When is it appropriate to say “No!” to sports?
20:30 – Takeaways


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