Episode 038: Faith In the Military

Service members in every branch of the military face challenges most cannot comprehend. Those with strong faith are well equipped to deal with situations at home, and abroad. Pastor Jim Dorton, of Three Stones Church, join us to discuss finding, practicing, and sharing your faith as a member of the military.


2:00 – Pastor Jim Dorton of Three Stones Church and formerly US Air Force
6:30 – Being introduced to Jesus while in the military
7:30 – Sharing Jesus with other service members can be difficult
9:30 – Jim tells the story of being invited to attend church by his Supervisor
11:00 – Working and living with other service members as a Christian
13:20 – “…make a vegetarian barbecue hamster” – Shine, Newsboys
15:00 – Effective leadership in the military doesn’t have to be gruff, angry, and abusive
16:00 – Coming home can present a whole new routine, and set of challenges for a service member
18:40 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13
20:00 – The Bridge serves military listeners around the world!
21:00 – How can the civilian faith community serve, and encourage the military faith community? Check with the local USO!
24:00 – Children of service members may be integrated into the civilian schools and wrestle with moving
25:30 – Churches want to support troops overseas, but there is a great opportunity to connect with, and strengthen the military at home
27:30 – Takeaways

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