Episode 039: Middle School Parent’s Guide

When your family enters the Middle School years, it feels like there’s a whole lot of crazy, and not a lot of calm. You’re not alone! Hang in there, and find strength in some of our tips. There are a lot of answers out on the internet – but some of the things you find can also be frightening. We take a look at the struggles families face when their kids enter Middle School. Answers from a Christian Worldview, with a strong dose of scripture and prayer, will help you get through those years.


3:00 – Mark doesn’t have kids, but he was most recently in Middle School
4:30 – Kids entering Middle School are facing a lot of changes
5:30 – How do parents get prepared for Middle School?
6:10 – Many kids go through an identity crisis
9:00 – Find activities that you can do with your kids, and meet their friends
11:00 – Help your kids gain perspective of their blessings by giving them opportunities to serve others
13:00 – “If it seems like they’re all over the place – they are!”
16:00 – You are not alone – Be vulnerable with other parents, and gain support
17:45 – What should parents do when Middle Schoolers test boundaries?
21:30 – Get on the same page with your child’s best friends parents
23:00 – You are their parent, not their friend
23:50 – The Bridge Podcast Episode 15 – Youth and Social Media
24:15 – Provide opportunities for your child to take the lead in some decision making
25:00 – Takeaways

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