Episode 041: Empty Nesting

When all the kids leave home for the last time, the Empty Nesting phase of life begins. Our guest Dawn DeVries shares her experience of reconnecting with her spouse, filling her time, enjoying grandchildren, and rediscovering her purpose. Empty Nesting doesn’t need to be feared! There will be new challenges – but also new opportunities to serve God, and draw closer to Him.


0:40 – Andrew admits to having been a Boomerang Kid
1:20 – Dawn DeVries, Traffic Coordinator at The Bridge joins the podcast as our Guest
3:00 – Who’s living at home? Who is an Empty Nester?
4:10 – Denise makes plans for her daughter’s room
5:05 – Dawn is the true Empty Nester of the group
7:15 – Spending time with your spouse after the kids have left?
10:30 – Don’t let your whole identity be defined by your relationship with your children alone
12:55 – Getting back to being yourself!
17:00 – Serving, Helping, and Doing life together with your neighbor – Episode 011: Moving at God Speed
17:50 – What worries or fears do you face with the change of lifestyle?
20:00 – Even though your children are out of the home, how do you maintain the role of Parent?
22:25 – Enjoy learning to be more of a Friend with your children
24:00 – Look forward to Empty Nesting, don’t enter the change with dread – it is part of the process
25:10 – Takeaways

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