Episode 042: Changes with Pastor John Betts

Changes come at us fast. Transition from the comfortable and familiar can be nerve wracking. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Our guest Pastor John Betts of Abundant Life Church in Georgetown, Delaware joins us to examine how change impacts our daily life, family interactions, and faith journey.


0:20 – Pastor John Betts, Abundant Life church in Georgetown, Delaware
0:40 – Jeff Twilley, Vice President of Operations and Technology at The Bridge
1:45 – Changes and Transitions in life led by God, yourself, or outside influence
3:00 – Do you mean specific transitions out of ministry roles, or moving away from sin?
4:30 – What about family dynamic changes, career changes, and other transitions?
6:45 – Jeff Twilley walks us through the change God was leading which returned him to Delaware
9:10 – John Betts tells how family expectation was challenged by changes God led him through
12:15 – John’s whole identity was wrapped up in being a Christian Farmer his whole life
13:00 – Observing changes from the outside can be confusing
14:00 – How do you know God is directing the change you are facing?
15:15 – Personal identity is best changed one step of faith at a time
17:35 – Going through major transitions with the support of your Spouse
19:00 – Blazing the trail for others who face similar changes
20:00 – Advice from a Pastor on following God’s voice and moving forward with transitions
22:00 – What about looking for signs and confirmation that you are on the right path?
23:15 – Jeff’s Burning Bush
26:00 – Stay connected with God by reading His word in the Bible, and get great examples of other’s handling change
27:00 – Takeaways

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