Episode 044: Scary Movies

Are you a scary movie fan? Some people are, some people run the other way. Why do people scare themselves on purpose? Learning the tricks of the storytelling trade can help you disarm the best Hollywood scares. And how can we make better decisions about the movies we watch with each other? From the history behind the 1930’s Hays Code, to the ways modern movies are rated by concerned Parents… we’ve got a thrilling episode!


0:20 – Are you a scary movie fan?
2:40 – Why do people find amusement in fear?
4:00 – A Warning for Young Listeners
4:50 – How Hollywood builds a good scare
6:40 – But some things you can’t unsee
7:25 – WARNING! Scary movies can be very hazardous to your health!
8:00 – BEWARE – Many scary films are filled with graphic violence, foul language, unsettling concepts, and adult themes
10:00 – Parent’s Guide on IMDB is very helpful
12:30 – The Hays Code and the modern Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) Ratings Guide
15:40 – What if you could buy movies that were edited for safe viewing?
16:40 – The year was 1984… Movie Ratings Trivia!
19:00 – MPAA Ratings strengthen parents to make wise media consumption decisions if they use the system
22:30 – Focus On The Family’s PluggedIn – Movie and other media reviews
24:00 – Deciding which movies to watch is not just for kids
26:15 – Common Sense Media – the nation’s leading non-profit dedicated to reviewing media
27:50 – Takeaways

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