Episode 046: Masks (True Identities)

Do you have a favorite mask? All of us do… whether we admit it or not. The way we present ourselves in different places, circumstances, and relationships can add to our collection of masks until we risk losing sight of our true identity.


1:35 – Ben, Mark and Andrew remember masks they wore as kids
4:10 – Halloween was always about fun characters, and being people you looked up to
6:00 – What are some characteristics you want to keep? What things about yourself do you want to drop?
7:30 – Mark puts on a mask…
8:45 – It can be difficult to stop wearing your masks
10:20 – Telling your story authentically allows people to enter a genuine relationship with you
11:40 – Ben reflects on the fear and risk of being authentic
14:00 – Mark breaks down his Instagram feed
14:55 – A mask can a projection of who we want to portray – or a guard against vulnerability
17:30 – Your church family is a good place to begin shedding masks
20:25 – Takeaways

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