Episode 048: VeggieTales Creator Phil Vischer on Talking with Kids About Jesus

When it comes to talking with kids about Jesus – where do you start? Are they too young to understand the concepts of sin, redemption, and eternal life? What resources are available to help parents? And what’s with all the animals in most of the Bible stories we tell children?

Phil Vischer is an author, speaker, filmmaker, and voice actor best known for the Christian children’s series VeggieTales®, which he created in a spare bedroom as a 25-year-old, newly married starving artist. Since then, Phil has continued to pursue innovative ways to integrate faith and storytelling through fun and practical resources for families.

Collectively, Phil’s creations, which include the educational series What’s in the Bible? and the autobiographical book Me, Myself & Bob, have sold more than 70 million copies around the world. Phil lives with his wife Lisa (aka Junior Asparagus) in West Chicago, Illinois. They have three adult children.

The Laugh and Learn Bible for Kids is available on Amazon and wherever Christian books are sold.

There are 18 NEW episodes of VeggieTales® being produced! The first new show — “The Best Christmas Gift” — is available now. On TV, you can catch the new VeggieTales® episodes on TBN. Trinity Broadcasting Network is the world’s largest faith and family broadcaster reaching over 175 nations on 32 global networks – TBN’s US reach is over 100 million households. DVDs are available from WalMart, Target, CBA channel retail stores. Streaming options include JellyTelly, and most digital platforms.


1:33 – Special Guest VeggieTales® Creator Phil Vischer
2:05 – How did VeggieTales® get started?
3:30 – Wathcing the start of MTV, Phil asked if technology and creativity could be used to promote values with which he agrees.
5:00 – Did his family think Talking Vegetables was worth the effort?
5:40 – Three HUGE guidelines VeggieTales® adheres to…
7:07 – Mark explains how he first discovered VeggieTales®
7:55 – What is the best age to begin talking with kids about Jesus?
10:30 – Start talking with children about God by sharing His character – love and mercy!
13:40 – Phil’s children were an inspiration and held him accountable to sharing truth in VeggieTales®
14:20 – Is it only the parent’s place to speak with children about Jesus?
18:00 – What resources are available to help parents?
21:00 – But what about Balaam’s Talking Donkey?
22:20 – It is important to give kids the overall story of the entire Bible!
23:20 – VeggieTales® has some VERY exciting news!
30:45 – Takeaways

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